Experience Sitecore ! | November 2016

Experience Sitecore !

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Sitecore London User Group Is Back

I am proud to announce that I have managed to find a sponsor for an oncoming Sitecore User Groups in London after a big half a year gap caused by lack of sponsorship.

The event is sponsored by Explore group.Those who have been on the market for a while probably know Matt Lee - he's the one of the best agent dealing with Sitecore opportunities exclusively and always has numerous contract opportunities in his pocket, so if you're planning to find a new contract - it make sense to notify him directly few weeks in advance.

Please join us on Tuesday 29th November from 18:00 at Balls Brothers on Mincing Lane, EC3R 7PP for an evening of networking, learning and of course complimentary food and drink!

Back to blogging after a while

I am back after a certain period of time that I haven't been posting for a while. So what did I do since that time:

  • Completed my 2-years contract for Vitality Health achieving all the deliverables and left them with a team of high lever professionals I was happy to meet, interview and worked with together.
  • In summer time I have undergone a serious operation (with even more serious preparation process), that kept me out on bench (from contracting) for 4+ months so far. Luckily, all went successfully and I have almost recovered.
  • Managed to attend several Sitecore events, such as SUGCON and Symposium, as well as numerous user groups.
  • Concentrated on Sitecore Link project as it is times more important for the community rather than blog posts.
  • Finally picked up a contract at Cannes Lions Festivals in order to work on challenging tuple of Sitecore and Salesforce.

As all the issues are getting sorted, I am going to pay more attention to the blog having a decent technical backlog of topics to write about as well as drafts started but left halfway that still need to be finished and published. However at the moment Sitecore Link takes all of my free time and even more that that (by taking few hours from sleep). That result an impressive progress and even more interesting thing are coming - follow me in Twitter and stay tuned.