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About me

My name is Martin Miles and I am a Sitecore Expert and .NET technical architect involved in the production of enterprise web and mobile applications, with 20+ years of commercial development experience in total. Having 12 years of Sitecore experience and excellent knowledge of the platform helps me to produce user-friendly and easy-to-maintain systems for the clients, that’s why I work exclusively with Sitecore – focusing on the main, delivering the best.

I am also a Sitecore enthusiast and devote much time to community projects and attending events related to our beloved platform. A good example could be Sifon for Sitecore tool or Sitecore Link project, which contains 16,000+ links to blogs, videos, official documentation, and StackOverflow / StackExchange questions about our beloved experience platform. Other good examples are Sitecore Telegram channel where I publish the most important technology news, and Sitecore Discussion Club - a quite revolutionary approach to offline events, where I identified and addressed all the issues of traditional Sitecore Usergroups. I run Sitecore Discussion Clubs on a monthly basis in central London and welcome all active participants willing to commit and learn from others.