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PowerShell Module issue - got a NullReferenceException when trying to open PowerShell ISE

Today I downloaded the latest (v.3.1 for Sitecore 8_001) PowerShell module and decided to play around one concept I hoped to push forward. But unfortunately, as soon as I opened ISE window, I got a NullReferenceException.

I thought that could possibly be related to my Sitecore instance. Thus I have installed a new copy of Sitecore 8.0.4 using Sitecore Instance Manager. Then tried to install package at that instance and magically worked there. So, two instances with the same Sitecore version, same PowerShell module, but different results... hm-m...

Then I assumed that ISE is trying to run some default script and probably that fact for some reason causes the exception. So, what are difference between two instances? I thought that initial ISE script might be rely on home item, and the one may be hardcoded, while my first sitecore instance has several website roots, but none of them is called Home. Worth of checking that idea. Just as the quickest, I have duplicated one of my webroots within /sitecore/content node and set a copy with the name Home. And voila - it magically worked for me!