Experience Sitecore ! | My speech proposal for SUGCON ANZ: Developers' guide to XM Cloud

Experience Sitecore !

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My speech proposal for SUGCON ANZ: Developers' guide to XM Cloud

Developers' guide to XM Cloud

Over the last months, we've heard lots of insights about the newest cloud product from Sitecore - XM Cloud. Many developers have wondered about what would be their changes of scope and responsibilities, how would they work with this new SaaS solution, or whether would they even become redundant. 

There is nothing to worry about! This session is answering most of these questions and in fact comes as the most crucial developers' guide to XM Cloud, as for now. It explains the caveats of changes in the content lifecycle and local development routine, introduced new Headless SXA for XM Cloud, and new options for personalization. It will also highlight changes in the security model, and site search and give the best advice on legacy strategies and content migration. Finally, some practical experience with Headstart for XM Cloud and utilizing the new deployment model, so that it becomes live!

Getting started
  •     why SaaS cloud? what is the change?
  •     a brief overview of XM Cloud for developers    
Familiar tools that remain with you
  •     review of the process and deployment tools available to a developer
  •     local development for XM Cloud in containers
  •     customizing pipelines with XM Cloud
  •     leveraging SPE functions
  •     Sitecore CLI becomes "The Tool"
Editing Experience and Content Considerations:
  •     using Site Builder
  •     dealing with Pages & Components
  •     extensions catalog
  •     diversity of datasources: where can my content reside?
  •     migrating content from legacy Sitecore platforms
Changes in the security model
  •     Sitecore Unified Identity
  •     integrating 3-rd party services
Changes in search
  • where's my Solr?
  • what are the options?
  • plugging an external search technology
Dealing with the legacy
  •     are my legacy sites still compatible with XM Cloud?
  •     migrating headless site from XP to XM Cloud guidance
  •     EDGE considerations
  •     is my legacy module for XP compatible with XM Cloud?

SXA for XM Cloud
  •     new old Headless SXA - what's the difference
  •     new old rendering variants
  •     can we use headless forms on XM Cloud?
  •     a bare minimum to build Headless SXA site for Next.js
  •     starter kits available for you straight away
  •     leveraging Headstart basic starter kit foundation built for XM Cloud
  •     make your own module compatible with XM Cloud
  •     are the built-in rules enough to go?
  •     two ways of leveraging CDP/Personalize for a better experience
Deploying into XM Cloud
  •     Single-location? Will that affect my GEO-distributed authors team?
  •     Understanding terminology: deployment, project, environment
  •     Understanding Build and Deployment Service (how to trigger and its lifecycle)
  •     CLI along with DevEx plugins
  •     GUI-powered Deploy App tool and 
  •     auto deployments from connected GitHub
It looks to me like an excellent topic exposing a spotlight on the new Sitecore SaaS-based platform. Keep fingers crossed!
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