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Experience Sitecore !

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OrderCloud Certification - tips on preparation and successful pass

Finally, I am happy to complete Sitecore learning and certification by successfully passing the OrderCloud Certification exam. In this post, I will try to share some thoughts and insights on how you could also progress with it.

This exam was relatively easy, especially compared with other Sitecore certifications. Have to note that I've read almost the whole documentation available, took the eLearning course, and did the notes for every minor important point - so did not find it tough.

I managed to score 90% being hesitative on 6 questions of a total of 30 which gives the exact 20% above the required 80% for a successful "pass" result. Basically, in that case, gambling out at least one question takes the score above the pass level. I want to admit that test questions seem to be very reasonable chosen and mature, as the product itself is.

In order to succeed, you'll definitely need to progress through the following materials:

The competencies under a test are:
  • OrderCloud Architecture and Conventions
  • Integration
  • User Management and Access Control
  • Environments
  • Product Management
  • Order and Fulfillment Management
  • Troubleshooting

Please note: eLearning is really good but does not cover all the competencies. It covers the Security and Product areas really well but has nothing about Order and Fulfillment (at the moment of writing this blog - there is a 'coming soon' promise, however). That means you must get on your own learning path.

Exam in numbers:
  • 60 minutes
  • 30 questions
  • 80% to pass
  • Costs $350 (some categories of tesะต takers may qualify for a discount)

Today, having a "fresh memory" I am trying to remember some of the questions personally I had on the exam and share some thoughts on what to emphasize. Without nuances, you must definitely know:
  • features of OrderCloud architecture
  • environments and their purpose
  • the UI and how to switch context between marketplaces
  • types of webhooks and their purpose
  • products and variants
  • price schedules
  • order flows and their statuses
  • general error codes returned by OrderCloud and their meaning
  • querying and filtering through API
  • in general, lots of API which is fully available from API Reference

Initially making due diligence for this technology, while diving into it, I went full of excitement from OrderCloud - what I saw so far. For me, it feels like a very mature product (it is in fact), with decent documentation great training, and very well architectured. Proper MACH architecture which you can fit into pretty everything. You can make a client storefront with zero backend coding, purely FE!
From a feature set point - also unbelievably flexible for both B2b and B2C. 

I decided to invest more time into learning OrderCloud and plan to make this platform one of the main techs for the oncoming year or at least part of Sitecore Triangle: XM Cloud - OrderCloud - Content Hub.

I created a Sitecore OrderCloud Telegram channel where I am sharing everything related to this platform. If you're using Telegram messenger - you'll definitely want to join by following this link. Otherwise, it is still possible to read it in a Twitter-like format in the browser using another link.

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