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Experience Sitecore !

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Sitecore 10 .NET Fundamental Developer Certification Exam is now available

Many of you have been asking about the version 10 developer exam availability, so it is finally there!

You may book it on the same page as you did all previous exams, same proctored exam. The price however is slightly higher - $350 as opposed to $300 for version 9 exams. For some European countries, there is also smth called "estimated tax" - not explained which exactly tax it is and how it got calculated. For example, buying an exam from the UK sets this tax to $70, totaling $420.

Metrics: you'll be given 100 minutes and the same amount of questions to answer as if was before - 50. Pass rate - 80%.

So, what to expect?

Firstly, I would admit the quality - the test has been reworked much to better! One thing I really disliked about the previous versions was large code snippets, with a challenge to select the correct one. Ironically these snippets were all related to item access API - something that very few people are doing nowadays due to ORMs, like Glass.

Secondly, you would expect questions on certain new stuff, like containers and CLI. In addition, the test takers must demonstrate knowledge of the existing familiar competencies, like security and roles/users management, layouts, placeholders, components, controls, renderings, and items management, and similar. Obviously, no SXA or JSS related questions are expected, as that is a Fundamental exam.

Thirdly, I want to notice incorrect answer options - those became more realistic, and therefore - confusing. With all my experience with the platform, I manage to miss a few, due to being not 100% attentive. That means - do read questions and answers very carefully and pay attention to details. Having 2 minutes per single question is a decent amount of time for doing that.

General feedback: the exam changed for the better but it is very unlikely to pass it without having actual hands-on all the expected competencies. With an 80% pass rate, one could incorrectly answer 10 questions. Let's imagine a person, who is proficient in version 9 but never has worked with 10. In that case, he/she is likely to fail more than 10 questions for containers and CLI, and given the rest of the answers are correct, the result is still - fail. On the other hand, the required level of experience is not that high, so everyone working with the latest features would pass without any doubt.

Wish you good luck with Sitecore 10 .NET Fundamental Developer Certification Exam!

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