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StackOverflow: Adding route in Application_Start

One more question I could not pass by on StackOverflow (link to original question):

I am using sitecore 7.5 and I need to add new route in application_start in order to use it in ajax call but when I run the application it seems that sitecore deals with the route as content item any help please.

Below in my answer:

Here is the code that creates a route for you. In global.asax.cs you will call RegisterRoutes from App_Start event handler:

    protected void Application_Start()

And there you specify your route as:

    public static void RegisterRoutes(RouteCollection routes)
             name: "test",
             url: "mvc/Forms/{action}/{id}",
             defaults: new { controller = "Forms", action = "Test", id = UrlParameter.Optional }

You will have /mvc/ prefix in this case that will handle your route to specifies controller, so you will call it as:


This will route to FormsController class action method Test(string id) but you may omit id parameter

A bit of attention: Please note that setting route in Application_Start is not the best way of doing that; much better is to implement mapping routes at Initialize pipeline, as it fits Sitecore architecture:

public class Initialize
    public void Process(PipelineArgs args)

    private void MapRoutes()
                    controller = "FormsController",
                    action = "Test"
                new[] { "Forms.Controller.Namespace" });

The rest of implementation: Also I have previously wrote an article in my blog about how to implement ajax call to a route, that will guide you through the rest of the implementation process:


Update: Please also make sure your config has a handler to handle your prefix, see below:

    <handler trigger="~/mvc/" handler="sitecore_mvc.ashx" />
Hope someone finds this helpful!

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