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StackOverflow: Including MVC in existing Sitecore Project

Recently one chap has asked a question oh how to include MVC into existing Sitecore project. A guy coming from classical ASP.NET MVC background experienced confusion with MVC implemented in Sitecore (here's an original link on StackOverflow). I decided to give a comprehensive answer on how MVC work with Sitecore:

Answer: In the very simplest way, you need to have the following:

  1. Item for your page, the one that has URL; that is as normal in Sitecore
  2. That page Item should have Layout assigned. From Presentation --> Details menu select at least a layout on that stage. If you do not have layout yet, you need to create a layout definition item under /Layout/Layouts folder and associate it with certain *.cshml file. Also mention that layout should have a placeholder where you will "inject"your rendering.

  3. You need to create a Controller Rendering under /Layout/Renderings folder in Sitecore. Make sure you set Controller and Controller Action fields to your controller name and action method name. enter image description here

  4. Finally, go again to Presentation --> Details --> Edit --> Controls and add your newly created rendering into a placeholder that you have on your layout *.cshtml file. enter image description here

That's all done.

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