Experience Sitecore ! | Welcome Onero Page Runner - now with Sitecore support!

Experience Sitecore !

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Welcome Onero Page Runner - now with Sitecore support!

I have not been posting for a while but there is an easy explanation - I was busy creating Onero Page Runner, which I have finally released. Now it is able to work with Sitecore Item Web API and also became open source project on GitHub.

What is Onero and what is it best for?

Onero is the lightweight testing solution. Is ideally fits for testing websites, especially frequently updated. It is very quick and easy to start, it does not require setting up and configuring complex Selenium frameworks and is best suitable for non-developer IT professionals, like managers, testers, content authors. However developers will also benefit from its simplicity and effectiveness.

Onero doesn't just simply load pages, but also executes simple JavaScript rules against them to verify compliance. As well as Rules it can also submit forms on pages (including authorization login forms to enter protected website areas), create screenshots of every single page visited and generate detailed report at the end of its journey.


  • Automatically retrieve list of pages to test from xml sitemap file of from Sitecore Item Web API
  • Iterate and verify every single page from the list
  • Create screenshot of every page visited for future inspection
  • Visualize the process in browser as it progresses
  • Run custom JavaScript rules to add additional check for some or all pages
  • Submit forms on the page with test values and verify the result
  • Work with protected areas of websites, that require pre-authorization 
  • Store multiple settings profiles and immediately switching between them
  • Realtime status updates as it goes
  • Detailed stats on execution after test fun finished


Hope you find this tool very helpful!

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